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Sale & Purchasing

No, we definitely are not typical sale & purchasing brokers.

We start with your need. A typical bulker or a multipurpose, heavylifter, imo fitted modern vessel? Maybe an LNG carrier, a chemical tanker or a state-of-the-art tugboat . . .

Once we know what you need, we evaluate various shipbuilding sites, prepare the building plans, assist you with buying the engines/generators, negotiate with different crane brands.

At the end, we are working for that ultimate moment: to hear the champagne bottle shatter against well painted steel.

If you are ready to work with us through such a marvelous journey, please do not hesitate to give a call:

Deepsea Contracts
Email: chartering@sarkatlantik.com.tr
Phone: +90 212 217 70 50
GSM: +90 532 212 09 86